Saturday, December 30, 2017

the ongoing transformation of values, and our relationships with current-paradigm systems in the meantime

The purpose of money, the purpose of any transactional system, is to incentivize actions that benefit others. A crucial assumption underlying these systems is that people won't care enough about others to take such actions to the same degree without these incentives. A major challenge that we're trying to meet is that of creating a transformation of values, of consciousness, sufficient to uncontroversially falsify that assumption.

As we're in the process of creating the transformation, we'll naturally have a tendency to operate, in some ways, to some degree, within the frameworks of our transactional systems. There's no excessive contradiction or conflict, necessarily, in participating in a system while participating in a process that will make that system obsolete. It's also true that, during this process, as always, many of our actions will take place outside of transactional systems, despite these systems' prevalence in many areas, and despite any intentions/aspirations for these systems to prevail in even more areas, including some of the areas in which we're acting "extratransactionally."

Everything said above regarding transactional systems holds true for systems of hierarchical authority also.

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