Thursday, April 19, 2007

two "life is good"s in one hour

I was (some may suggest semi schizotypally) scribbling some notes on a paper towel. I wrote: "...let us attempt to build some kind of system of the basis of the equivalence or identity or near-identity of "life" and "good""
About an hour later I read in The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley, chapter 22:
    But no man is strong enough to have no interest.
Therefore the best king would be Pure Chance.
It is Pure Chance that rules the Universe; therefore,
and only therefore, life is good.

two "archetypes" within two seconds

I was watching a video on YouTube or Google Video. A few seconds into it, the person speaking in the video mentioned "archetypes", within a couple seconds of Jaye saying "archetype" on the phone, standing a few feet from me.

two sweet potato ingestions in two days

Three days ago, we bought about 5 flavors of baby food, to use in starting to introduce Nyx to non-boob-provided food. Two days ago, we fed her a little from two of the jars, one of them containing sweet potatos. Yesterday, Sonny at work had a plastic container of sweet potato wedges and gave me a couple of them to eat.