Friday, March 9, 2012

another gloss on GGODD

I added this to a thread called "Musings on direct democracy and a global mind" on the "singularity" mailing list:

I've been blogging for a few years about direct democracy and global mind as vehicles for reaching AGI and Singularity (for example, this message to the incoming Obama administration in 2008: ) and I've been emphasizing the transition from textual to graphical internet interfaces as a key aspect. (See my blogs, and

I recently coined the acronym GGODD: graphical, global online direct democracy.

The next big step at this point seems likely to amount to an algorithm that routes/filters information in some kind of generally applicable way. I envision that your "working memory," or the current representation of your current situation, will be expressed as a series of URLs. Somehow the algorithm will calculate, from this data and from any subsequent moves (input) that you have made at your interface, an appropriate subsequent representation of your situation.

I've dubbed this hypothetical algorithm a "social graph transformation (or generation or evolution) algorithm" and it seems similar to Mark Pesce's "community entity exploration protocol," for which he hasn't released any code yet as far as I know. He has released the code for his Plexus Social Networking Protocol (

See his paper from 20ish years ago, "Cyberspace"

The closest I've come to modeling in a mathematically precise way this "Filter (Holy Grail)" was what I called "Algorithm Alpha" (

With such an algorithm running at millions of interfaces, presenting people with more and more relevant data more and more quickly, the speed with which we will construct structural/graphical maps of our knowledge will accelerate and we'll soon be navigating through a kind of shared dreamspace/imagination/cyberspace.