Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Two Larues within about 2 days

I spent a few seconds trying to remember the last name of someone I haven't seen in several months, a guy named Bobby (LaRue). He moved in with Alex Mendenhall when I moved out, and they do lab work together.

Either 1 or 2 days later, at the job, I remembered it when I got a call from someone with the last name LaRue.

two "time"/"money" conflations in one day

Chatting with Jaye over Gmail Chat, I said (approximately):
"Damn clocks. Root of all evil, I say."

Later that day in On the Experience of Time, by Robert E. Ornstein, I read on page 19:
"There is a popular saying that 'time is money'. Time is not money, but the concept of time is similar to the concept of money in that each refer to many different sorts of things. Many distinct objects are used as 'money' but we would not confuse the English pound with two hundred sheep simply because either might be used as barter."