Thursday, December 20, 2012

dance party tonight - SW Madison & Park - 11:00

Happy New Epoch Eve! Some tents will be pitched starting at 11:59 p.m. tonight. People including me, other participants in the OPDX Reoccupation Working Group, and a few other people, are on board so far. With this post we are making our intentions public and inviting everybody to join and support this action. Naturally, we'd like to see at least a few hundred campers join us tonight and tomorrow. Locations discussed so far include Shemanski and Chapman.

We'll discuss this at the Occupy Spokescouncil tonight (St. Francis, 7:00), but we're not advocating having GAs or spokescouncils that pertain to these new camps. We'll peacefully inhabit space(s) in solidarity with 100% of our fellow beings, very much inspired by, infused with energy from, the recent wave of occupations, but without a central governing or decision-making body.

Please click to "join" this dance party event, and/or spread the rumor through whatever channels you're channeling :-)