Friday, February 15, 2013

free fish tacos & jalapeno poppers. Saturday, Feb. 16th, 6ish PM

I'd invite you to hang out at City Hall where we've been occupying the sidewalk almost continuously since the beginning of December 2011.

I think the next major phase of the Occupy movement may come about this way: people informally gathering, building connections, friendships, etc., and gradually growing the community until it subsumes larger and larger portions of society, replacing trade and hierarchy with sharing and mutual aid. This is kind of what's been going on at City Hall since the vigil began. For instance, for the past few months I've been staying on the couch of a friend whom I met through Occupy around December 2011. He and I have been frequently walking from his downtown home to City Hall, hanging out "out by da curb," and recharging the boat battery that they use there.