Tuesday, February 17, 2015

today ~ 11:00 to 12:00

Downtown I chat with Ninety Nine outside St. Michael's, and then with Bobby outside Sisters. Dawn is usually with Bobby, but she went to jail over the weekend. He's expecting her to meet up with him there any time. The two of them might be going to Cali soon to stay with Bobby's dad, who went to prison when Bobby was 4 and is still wearing a homing device on his ankle. They haven't seen each other since that incarceration decades ago, but they found each other on Facebook.

Back up north at the New Seasons, my total is $4.20. 'Alright!' I say. 420s have made a couple appearances like that in the last few weeks.
'Something's trying to tell you something?' he says.
'It may be that time.'

Owen is at the New Seasons parking lot entrance, making a big sign that says HUNGRY. His little dog stands on his shoulders. He tells me that two guys including Waffles went to jail for the stabbing of the 'yuppy' who died outside City Hall a few months ago.