Friday, February 24, 2012

GGODD: Graphical, Global, Online Direct Democracy

A correspondent, to whom I had mentioned GGODD in an email*, replied saying "I don't know if your email is about computers, community planning, political science..." to which I replied:

It's about all those things -- I'm thinking about algorithms for creating a new kind of worldwide web -- one that transcends textual interfaces, presenting a kaleidoscopic tableau of meaningful imagery through which we will navigate, enabling us to express many kinds of ideas vastly more efficiently, more precisely, more picturesquely. This, I anticipate, will serve as such an efficient system for planning/organizing our social/economic activities that it will quickly render obsolete the worldwide political structures currently operating. I've written several blog entries over the past few years that might flesh out the idea more, in the two blogs linked from my Twitter profile. You might also check out Mark Pesce at and .

* Here's that text from from my earlier email:
In the meantime, I'd be interested in your feedback about constructing a graphical global online direct democracy.

I've been blogging about algorithms for optimally filtering/distributing data streams online, as a key to the transition from primarily text-based to primarily image-based Internet interfaces.