Sunday, January 21, 2018

Why formulate and promulgate new paradigm frameworks like Zx?

One reason (among many) to perfect (or radically improve) our value systems, social systems, etc., is that these "humanities" projects, as difficult as they may appear from certain angles, represent a challenge that it seems ought to be achievable, if (as seems very possible) major breakthroughs are at hand which will catalyze major techno-psychic revolutions. In other words, if we're going to be able to automate thought soon, or at least radically improve our information technologies, then it really seems like we ought to be able to solve the problem of how people on this planet can get along and act remotely appropriately.

(The question of whether to dedicate attention to the humanities or the technological projects can itself consume significant attention. It seems reasonable to think that the humanities goals may be achieved before the technological ones - that figuring out how to cooperate with each other, using human languages, may come before figuring out how to make our machines optimally cooperate with each other, using machine languages. So, by attempting to bring the humanities projects to fruition, we're attempting to check an item off a list such that we can then devote a sufficient amount of attention to the technological projects to bring them to fruition.)

So this is one way in which radically upgrading our value systems may be a key step toward radically upgrading our technological systems.

(Though, we may, and surely will, at least from time to time, also give attention to technological projects while the humanities projects are still underway.)

Many types of ethical/social/humanities projects/progress and technological projects/progress are and will be happening all the time; the above remarks are referring mostly to highly revolutionary breakthrough formulations in both areas.

You may not trust people to value everyone. You may not trust people to behave remotely appropriately without the constraints of our current-paradigm systems.

But if you agree that valuing everyone is a good goal, then you have reasons to promulgate paradigm formulas based on this goal. Promulgating such formulas, painting a picture of a wonderful new reality based on these principles, can give people inspiration and direction - it can help people to move toward being able to embody these ethical ideals. And simply promulgating these frameworks isn't going to create a situation where we're implementing the new paradigm before we're ready for it. It won't be comprehensively implemented until critical masses of people become confident in our ability to abide by it.

The act of promulgating such frameworks can function as a positive self-fulfilling prophecy. Often people have stated that such changes are surely decades or centuries or millennia away, without seeming to appreciate that such statements can function as negative self-fulfilling prophecies. The speed at which consciousness and values can change has been kept artificially low by the suppression of consciousness-altering, mind-expanding agents and by other means. Many of our limits are self-imposed, imposed and perpetuated by people rather than by outside forces. Promulgating these frameworks can catalyze chain reactions of progressively more potent positive feedback, which can help in the removal of some of these self-imposed limits and therefore in the massive acceleration of the maturation of our values and consciousness.

Another reason to promulgate these frameworks is that, in many instances. such as the tiny home village trend, we're already operating according to the principles of the forthcoming paradigm to a significant extent, and these frameworks can give to these instances important kinds of validation and nurturing. 

So please process and promulgate the new paradigm; we're losing many opportunities and wasting living beings and living energy every day we delay. The prospect of this transition can be daunting, but we're looking at a rapturously socks-knocking new world that we can help bring into being.