Thursday, January 18, 2007

Robert Anton Wilson

Right around the time of Robert Anton Wilson's death, I noticed two RAW-related coincidences. (RAW helped popularize the 23 Enigma and other synchronistic phenomena.)

  • I was singing "Danny Boy" to Nyx one night. Jaye expressed surprise that I would do such a thing. I told her that the recently-deceased-RAW's website plays Danny Boy on the home page. Two days later we watched a rented movie in which a character sings that song.
  • I was at a restaurant waiting for some wings-to-go, watching football on a flatscreen on a wall. I was remembering RAW commenting in one of his books on the cultural reasons why he was interested in living in outer space: something like, most of his fellow Americans seemed to like drinking beer and watching football, whereas he liked listening to the Hammerklavier stoned. Just then, the football announcer shouted "Out in Space!" -- I think referring to a receiver who was wide open.

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