Friday, November 7, 2008

two Democractic administration "-nistas" in two minutes

I had been watching the video of today's episode of Democracy Now. With the episode on pause, I posted a "letter to the Obamanistas" on my other blog. Maybe a couple minutes later, I resumed the video. 30 seconds later, the guest, Robert Kuttner, used the word "Clintonistas". I just re-watched the portion of his interview that I had been watching before I paused it. Kuttner had been speaking for less than a minute and had not used the word "Clintonistas" before the pause.


Sophia said...

It is a good thing you went back to double-check that he had not used the word before. You've showed yourself that it wasn't a memory glitch; it was a real true synchronicity!

Robert Perry said...

What an interesting exercise, keeping this synchronicity log. I see you haven't posted for a while, but if you are still interested in the concept, you may want to check out my book on the topic. You can learn about it at